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Urgent air transport news

Preferential origin - Reduced rates of duty

Preferential origin and reduced rates of duty

Understand everything about preferential origin and reduced customs duties: What is it? What interest? Learn more here with Air Time Critical®.

Air Charter - Western France Airports

Air charter: Western France airports for urgent shipments

Which Westhern France airports are available for emergency air charter in France and Europe? Check out opening hours and other cargo specificities on our Hauts-de-France airports list.

United States Reopening International Flights – On Board Courier

USA Reopen to International Flights – Is OBC Worth it?

The Covid-19 crisis had prevented any travel from Europe to the United States. However, as of 9 November 2021, the USA announced they were reopening their borders. This means that transport by On Board Courier can now resume for urgent shipments.

Air Freight China–France - What time frames

Air Freight China-France: What time frames?

Priority air freight vs standard air freight: What are the differences? Check out delivery times between China and France for these two transportation methods.

Malaysia: Priority Freight & semiconductor crisis

Malaysia: Priority Freight & semiconductor crisis

Emergency shipment from Malaysia? Semiconductor crisis? Air Time Critical® takes care of your urgent freight from Malaysia! Enjoy an exceptional service thanks to our solid experience.

Air Charter - Northern France airports

Air charter: Northern France airports for urgent shipments

Which Northern France airports are available for emergency air charter in France and Europe? Check out opening hours and other cargo specificities on our Hauts-de-France airports list.

Proforma Commercial Invoices

The proper use of proforma and commercial invoices

With Air Time Critical®, find out how to make best use of proforma and commercial invoices, essential document for an international shipping.

Air charter: Airports in Spain

Air charter: Which airports in Spain for emergency shipments?

Which airports can charter planes from Spain to Europe? Consult our regional Spanish airport list, complete with opening hours and nearby car manufacturers.

Express or Priority Freight

Express or Priority Freight?

Thanks to Air Time Critical®, learn more about priority or express air freight: What is the difference? Which one is right for you?

On Board Courier - Express van

When On Board Courier beats an express van

Find out, with Air Time Critical®’s example delivery schedule from Central Europe to the UK, how an On Board Courier (or hand carry) can be faster than an express van for urgent deliveries within Europe.

Semiconductor crisis - Automotive industry

How is the semiconductor crisis impacting the automotive industry?

The global semiconductor shortage associated with the pandemic has severely affected the European automotive industry. What caused this crisis? Are we facing a long term flea shortage? Read more with Air Time Critical®.

Known Shipper status - US air freight

All about Known Shipper status & US air freight

Transporting goods from the US to Europe? Discover the Benefits of the US Known Shipper Status to ensure a smooth and more efficient process. Air Time Critical® gives you all the information you need on the transport of goods with the United States with Known Shipper status.

Turkey - Urgent transport

Automotive – Urgent transport from Turkey

An urgent air shipment to organise with Turkey? Challenges to be met, implementation, import procedures: Air Time Critical® tells you here the story of an incredible urgent shipment mission, during the weekend, between Turkey and Europe.

Taiwan - Priority freight

Priority freight from-to Taiwan

Taiwan priority freight, Air Time Critical® handle your urgent shipments to/from Taiwan. Enjoy outstanding service thanks to our extensive experience and strong partnerships with reputable agents.

Air freight - Chinese New Year

Air freight and Chinese New Year, get ready!

Get your air freight ready for Chinese New Year holidays: Find out more about important dates, restrictions for air freight and customs office hours. Plan your urgent shipments with Air Time Critical® in advance.

Brexit - UK airports Air Charter

Air charter – Which airports in England for urgent delivery?

Brexit and logistics news – What UK airports to use for urgent air transportation during logistics crises following Brexit? Find a list of English airports for each region with operating hours and nearby cities. Get ready for Brexit with Air Time Critical®.

Urgent plane transport

Urgent plane transport of a 4-ton automotive mold

With Air Time Critical®, find out an impressive urgent transport of a 4 tonne automobile mold by plane between Portugal and Slovakia.

Air Charter - Line stoppage

An air charter delivery to avoid a line stoppage

With Air Time Critical®, discover an urgent air charter delivery of automobile parts from Nantes (France) to VW Wolfsburg (Germany) within a few hours door to door.

Helicopter delivery

Helicopter delivery: 600km in 3.5hrs

With Air Time Critical®, discover an helicopter urgent delivery: 200kg of automotive parts to deliver in Sochaux France. Find out more about helicoper express cargo delivery.

Helicopter transport - Urgent maintenance operations

Choose helicopter transport for urgent maintenance operations

Helicopter chartering delivers spare parts faster during industrial emergencies. Do you need to rush spare parts on a site with an industrial failure? Helicoptery is the fatest solution. Illustration of a real case with Air Time Critical®.

Transport procedures international customs

Transport procedures: ATC® takes care of it all!

Let Air Time Critical® take transport and customs procedures off your hands and enjoy the peace of mind of truly professional assistance!

Belgium airports - Air Charter

Belgian airports open for air charter

Find the list of airports open in Belgium and their various constraints for air charters during this Covid-19 period.

Covid - Repatriation flight Morocco-France

Repatriation flight Morocco-France – Coronavirus

Discover how Air Time Critical® helped a company to repatriate in emergency 29 of its employees from Morocco to France during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Urgent delivery CZ-UK - Air Charter

Air charter: Urgent delivery CZ-UK in under 12 hours?

How to deliver to a distance of 1500 km in less than 12 door-to-door hours? An impossible challenge? Fortunately, there is a solution that the general public does not know much about the air charter.

Mexico - On-Board Courier

On Board Courier: 276kg of cargo to Mexico

Discover with Air Time Critical an example of urgent transport by plane with Courier on Board between Germany and Mexico.

Brexit - Minimize disruption

Brexit & logistics: how to minimize the disruption

Do you want to be able to avoid the logistical disruptions linked to Brexit? Be ready whatever the scenario? Air Time Critical® provide you with all the solutions to best manage your post-Brexit logistics.

China - Trouble-free customs clearance

Trouble-free customs clearance with China

Exporting and clearing goods in China is not easy. Here you will find a list of rules and standards to follow that will save you from any difficulty during customs clearance.

Air Charter - 5 things you need to know

Air Charter: 5 things you need to know

All about air charter shipments with Air Time Critical®: Find out how to organize an air charter delivery through 5 fundamental points.