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Air Freight – T1 Customs Document – Frequently Asked Questions


What is T1 customs document in logistics?

The T1 shipping note is a customs document used in logistics for the transit of non-European Union goods through the EU. It allows for their transport from one point to another without payment of customs duties until the final destination.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of T1 customs?

  • Advantages: Facilitates the transit of non-EU goods through the EU without immediate payment of customs duties, improving logistical flow.
  • Disadvantages: T1 requires rigorous administrative management, which can lead to delays if documentation is not properly handled.

How does T1 affect customs duties and taxes?

The T1 document suspends the payment of customs duties and taxes until the goods reach their final destination in the EU, where taxation will apply according to the regulations in force.

What are the risks and how to mitigate them when using T1?

  • Risks: Delays, penalties for incorrect or incomplete documentation, loss of goods under T1 (resulting in customs penalties, investigations, and complex procedures).
  • Mitigating the risk: Ensure accurate and complete documentation, strictly follow customs procedures, and use experienced customs brokers or agents.

Closing a T1 customs: Why is it mandatory?

Closing a T1 customs is an important step in customs transit. When the goods reach their final destination in the EU, the carrier or importer must present the T1 to customs. This is to prove that the goods have reached their destination and to pay duties and taxes if applicable. This step confirms that all fiscal and regulatory obligations are met, thus avoiding penalties for non-compliance or delay.

What is meant by the release of goods under T1?

Release of goods: After closing the T1, the goods can be officially imported or continue their transit to another destination.

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