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Priority air freight

Time definite delivery for your most urgent international air freight shipments

The priority air freight option offered by Air Time Critical cannot be confused with any standard express air freight solution available on the market.

This top-level solution use no consolidation of cargo and open a whole range of new possibilities for urgent cargo delivery:

  • next day delivery from Europe to North America
  • next day delivery from Shenzhen China to Europe
  • next day delivery Hong Kong to Europe
  • 1-2 days from Shanghai area to Europe
  • next day delivery Singapore to Europe
  • same day delivery within Europe

Save from 1 to 3 days transit time compared to any standard express air freight option.

The priority air freight option offers one of the fastest way to deliver your time critical freight using all the existing commercial and cargo flights available to destination.

More than 300 destinations covered: Europe, East Europe, Central Europe, Asia, Indonesia, India, Australia, North America, South America, North Africa, Turkey…

You have an emergency and need a turnkey logistics assistance? Contact us !

We take care of the entire logistics chain, from A to Z, including all formalities.

Air Time Critical currently offers emergency air freight services to companies only, not individuals. Covid-19 – In the face of this unprecedented crisis and a high volume of requests, we reserve the right to respond only to those requests that we are able to handle. Thank you for your understanding.