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Covid-19 repatriation flight to Europe

Are your employees or crew members stranded abroad? The epidemic makes the organization of passenger flights highly complex. Our solution of repatriation flight could be the solution.

A chartered flight for the repatriation of your employees, families or crew members.

Faced with this unusual Coronavirus crisis, we put our know-how for the organization of dedicated charter flights for companies, to repatriate their employees, family or crew members from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, or Turkey in the best conditions of safety and security.

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Towards Europe

We offer this service to companies wishing to repatriate their employees and families, crew members to Europe in the best conditions of safety and comfort.

Coordination with the consulate and the authorities

In relation with embassies, we will ensure the management of traffic law formalities and the opening of the airspace.

Be up to the situation

We make every effort to reassure, anticipate the difficulties of employee and crew members throughout the transport and ensure the smooth running of the trip.

We permanently stay in contact

Because traveling can be a stressful situation, we stay in contact with with you and the person of your choice throughout the transport.

Coronavirus and employees, crew members stranded abroad? Contact us for repatriation to Europe and the UK.

This service is offered to companies and not yet open to individuals. We will reply to you within 30 minutes regarding the feasibility of your request. In the face of this unprecedented crisis, and a large number of requests, we retain the right to respond only to requests that we are able to handle. Thanks for your understanding.

We cover the following countries for repatriation

Repatriation from North Africa & Turkey

Tunisia (Tunis), Algeria (Alger), Morocco (Tanger, Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir) – Turkey (Istanbul)

To Europe & the United Kingdom

France, Belgium & all of Europe: Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, ect – United Kingdom