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Chartered helicopters

A dedicated chartered helicopter for your most urgent parcels delivery

In case of a logistics emergency, the helicopter chartered option allows you to reach point A to point B in the fastest possible time. No traffic jam, icy roads or strike obstruction anymore – Fly over it!

This solution offers delivery speed and incomparable reliability for packages and pallets transport, when reactivity is essential. Helicopters offer a door-door solution to emergency shipments in a range of 200 – 600 km from pick-up point / Total payload up to 500 kg (loose cargo, 25 kg/pce maximum).
Chartered helicopters

Helicopter Type: Ecureuil AS350

5 passengers, volume of 1 m cube, up to 220 km/h. Range up to 500 – 600 km

2 chartered helicopters

Helicopter Type: Dauphin

6 passengers, volume of 2.5 m cube, up to 270 km/h. Range up to 500 – 600 km

Advice: for bigger distances or payload, check the dedicated Air Charter solution.

See our air charter solution

Private helicopter charters, flight time examples

From pick up point (average) / From Paris

1 hour
  • Le Mans
  • Tours
  • Caen
  • Le Havre
2 hours
  • Poitiers
  • Nancy
  • Luxembourg (LU)
  • Brighton (South UK)
2 to 3 hours
  • London (UK)
  • Amsterdam
  • Lausanne (CH)
  • Frankfurt (DE)
  • Dortmund (DE)
  • Milan (IT)
  • Birmingham (UK)

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Air Time Critical currently offers emergency air freight services to companies only, not individuals. Covid-19 – In the face of this unprecedented crisis and a high volume of requests, we reserve the right to respond only to those requests that we are able to handle. Thank you for your understanding.