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Express Delivery Italy-France: How Air Charter Defies Distances

Express Delivery Italy-France How Air Charter Defies Distances

595 km and a 10-hour deadline for this Italy-France shipment. 

A leading French automotive equipment manufacturer, located in the northern part of France between Arras and Cambrai, urgently needs to source parts from its Italian supplier, a tier-two equipment manufacturer located in Castellalto, in the province of Teramo on the east coast of Italy. 

A considerable distance of 1595 km separates them, resulting in a delivery time of 16 to 20 hours minimum by road transport. Usually, this delivery time by road poses no particular logistical problem. However, in this specific case, the French supplier is just hours away from causing a production halt for its client, an automobile manufacturer.  

In order to avoid stockouts and the inevitable production stoppage that would follow, the goods must be delivered within 10 hours. 

As mentioned earlier, this is impossible by road, as it takes 10 to 20 hours door-to-door depending on the conditions along the route. 

Therefore, ATC® offers an air freight solution with the chartering of a dedicated cargo flight from Italy to France. But will this air transportation solution be sufficient to meet the deadlines and deliver the packages before the production halt? The countdown is on for ATC®. 

Italy-France a transport by Air Charter 

“Will the air taxi cover the 1595 km distance in less than 10 hours?” 

ATC® proposes to organize an air charter solution from Italy to Northern France. This solution, also known as an “cargo charter,” involves chartering an aircraft and its crew for a specific express transport. It is therefore a dedicated air transportation solution as opposed to scheduled cargo flights with commercial airlines. Find below the details of the mission: 

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Details of the Italy-France air charter solution: 

  • Flight type: Chartered transport aircraft (air charter)  
  • Service: Italy-France door-to-door  
  • Cargo: 8 packages, 60x40x40 cm/each, total weight 80 kg, nature: automotive parts  
  • Flight route: Pescara Airport (LIBP) to Vatry Airport (LFOK)  
  • Flight time from Pescara to Vatry: 2 hours  
  • Aircraft: Eclipse EA50. Empty weight: 1604 kg – Maximum weight: 2698 kg – Category: Very light aircraft. 

Timeline of the Italy-France air charter transport:  

  • 19:45: Arrival of the dedicated air charter at Pescara Airport  
  • 20:20: Loading of the automotive parts packages onto the aircraft  
  • 20:45: Departure of the cargo flight from Pescara, Italy  
  • Italy-France flight time: 2 hours. 
  • 22:45: Arrival of the cargo charter to Vatry airport in France  
  • 01:15: Delivery to the factory in Northern France. 

What delivery time for this Italy-France time-critical shipment? 

  • Door-to-door delivery time Italy to France: 5 hours and 30 minutes 
  • Distance covered: 1595 km 
  • Average speed door-to-door: 290 km/h 

This cargo charter, from the Italian supplier located in the province of Teramo to Hauts-de-France (1595 km distance), was completed in less than 6 hours door-to-door, with an average speed of 290 km/h! 

Number of hours saved through the use of an air charter instead of an express van:

between 10 and 14 hours. 

What are the customer benefits of using Air Time Critical®? 

  • Local coordination in Italy: for ease of process, Air Time Critical® contacts your supplier abroad, in this case, Italy, and check all shipment details (merchandise references, packaging, pickup time). This active collaboration with the local supplier guarantees maximum efficiency. 


  • Weather alert: for each air charter mission, Air Time Critical® contacts the departure and arrival airports and checks available weather information to avoid delays caused by adverse weather conditions. On that day, a weather alert at Lille Lesquin station prompted us to choose a more southerly route and prioritize a flight to Vatry Airport, away from weather disturbances. This decision made it possible to establish a secure flight plan and provide a reliable delivery time to the customer. 


  • Best price/aircraft suitable for the load: true to its tradition, Air Time Critical® fights in the interest of its clients and offers the lightest possible aircraft based on the load to be transported, to minimize air charter costs. In this case, by opting for one of the lightest aircraft in the market, an Eclipse EA50 weighing less than 2 tons, instead of a more common cargo flight such as the Fairchild (3.9 tons), ATC® reduced the door-to-door budget by several thousand euros for the client. 


For your urgent air transport from Italy, contact ATC®: 

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