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Airfreight – Transport examples: read about urgent airfreight in France, Europe and across the world.
Aircraft or helicopter chartering for urgent shipments, day or night. On board couriers and hand deliveries. Airfreight for packages and pallets.
Tangible, detailed case studies. Advice and warnings to avoid common air transport mistakes.
Airfreight to France, from China, Taiwan, or Singapore; from Paris CDG to the USA, Mexico, Turkey or South Africa. Learn more about it from our numerous air transport examples.
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Private flight: Quimper-Amiens return in a day

Private flight: Quimper-Amiens return in a day!

When it comes to organising a private flight, using the services of an operator who is familiar with individual airports guarantees you the best advice and hassle-free travel. The following Quimper-Amiens private flight case study illustrates this perfectly.

Turkey - Urgent transport

Automotive – Urgent transport from Turkey

An urgent air shipment to organise with Turkey? Challenges to be met, implementation, import procedures: Air Time Critical® tells you here the story of an incredible urgent shipment mission, during the weekend, between Turkey and Europe.

Urgent plane transport

Urgent plane transport of a 4-ton automotive mold

With Air Time Critical®, find out an impressive urgent transport of a 4 tonne automobile mold by plane between Portugal and Slovakia.

Air Charter - Line stoppage

An air charter delivery to avoid a line stoppage

With Air Time Critical®, discover an urgent air charter delivery of automobile parts from Nantes (France) to VW Wolfsburg (Germany) within a few hours door to door.

Helicopter delivery

Helicopter delivery: 600km in 3.5hrs

With Air Time Critical®, discover an helicopter urgent delivery: 200kg of automotive parts to deliver in Sochaux France. Find out more about helicoper express cargo delivery.

Helicopter transport - Urgent maintenance operations

Choose helicopter transport for urgent maintenance operations

Helicopter chartering delivers spare parts faster during industrial emergencies. Do you need to rush spare parts on a site with an industrial failure? Helicoptery is the fatest solution. Illustration of a real case with Air Time Critical®.

Mexico - On-Board Courier

On Board Courier: 276kg of cargo to Mexico

Discover with Air Time Critical an example of urgent transport by plane with Courier on Board between Germany and Mexico.