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China-Poland On Board Courier delivered in 2 days!

China-Poland On Board Courier delivered in 2 days!

Case study – On Board Courier: A French car parts manufacturer contacted Air Time Critical® on 11 April to organise an urgent delivery of electronic components from their supplier in China to their partner based in Poland.

Customer challenge? Delivery in Poland had to take place before 19 April to enable the automotive supplier to assemble components before sending them to the car manufacturer in France by 22 April latest.

Additional challenge: The French customer was well versed with China-France shipments, but had never so far organised shipments between China and Poland. This new situation called for a turnkey solution, particularly for handling Polish customs and post-carriage all the way to the consignee.

Given the delays commonly experienced in air freight at that time, Air Time Critical® recommended an On Board Courier solution to their customer. This was 3 days faster than priority air freight and offered door-to-door delivery to Poland.

OBC from China to Poland

Details of the On Board Courier solution

  • Flight type: On Board Courier (Hand Carry)
  • Service: China-Poland door-to-door delivery
  • Goods: 9 parcels of 10 kg, car parts
  • Flight route: Hong Kong – London – Warsaw

Delivery sequence

  • 16 April, 10:15 – Pickup of 9 boxes in Guangdong, China
  • 17 April, 23:15 – Flight take-off from Hong Kong airport
  • 18 April, 06:33 – Flight landing at London LHR (connection airport)
  • 18 April, 10:40 – Second flight take-off from London
  • 18 April, 14:20 – Second flight landing in Warsaw, Poland
  • 18 April, 15:55 – Customs cleared by the courier upon arrival
  • 18 April, 16:50 – Express taxi departure with the urgent parcels
  • 18 April, 21:10 – Goods delivered in Poland

N.B: All times indicated are local times

What delivery time frame for this China-Poland OBC?

This urgent China-Poland door-to-door delivery was executed in 2 days and 17 hours (Distance as the crow flies: 9,700 km).

Average time saved compared to standard express air freight: 7 days (at the time of shipping).

Air Time Critical®’s added value

Air Time Critical® enabled their French customer to manage, from France, a shipment involving 2 suppliers based in 2 different countries (China and Poland). The French customer didn’t have to worry about organising customs clearance or post-carriage in Poland, Air Time Critical® took care of everything with their door-to-door, turnkey solution.

Air Time Critical® allows you to handle foreign-to-foreign shipments from your French office. Think about it next time you have to manage a complex logistics project between 2 foreign suppliers or between a supplier and a customer.

Major logistics emergency?

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