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Express delivery France-Japan in 24 hours

France-Japan, urgent sending of a package in 24 hours for a high-tech exhibition. Paris-Tokyo door to door and hassle-free in this case study rich in lessons. Find the shipping steps, advice and the method chosen for fast and reliable shipping to Japan.

on board courier africa express deliveries

On Board Courier Africa: Express deliveries on time

On Board Courier offers an efficient response for businesses looking to quickly ship packages from Europe to West Africa. Read more about the OBC Africa service.

What is an OBC ?

On Board Courier (OBC) is an express delivery service for urgent or sensitive shipments which offers maximum security and speedy delivery through a dedicated courier. In this article, we’ll delve into the characteristics of On Board Courier.

Colis accompagnés Tunisie, Maroc, Paris Orly France

On Board Courier Tunisia, Morocco, Paris Orly France

Air Time Critical® set up a new partnership in Paris Orly airport for the speedy delivery of On Board Courier from Tunisia and Morocco.

What ChatGPT says about Air Time Critical®

We asked ChatGPT what it knows about Air Time Critical®. Find out the answer of that AI which managed to define our core profession and delivered a relevant presentation of our urgent transport solutions.

China-Poland On Board Courier delivered in 2 days!

China-Poland On Board Courier delivered in 2 days!

Air Time Critical® enables you to take care of international and foreign-to-foreign shipments, i.e. shipments between two countries other than your own. This is a good way to manage a complex logistics project between two suppliers.

Important shipments: insist on tailored freight for your projects!

Important shipments: insist on tailored freight for your projects!

Use Air Time Critical® for your important, but non-urgent transport. You will enjoy dedicated assistance, expert advice, and best-in-class reliability and tracking levels.


ATC® Slovakia takes part in the 2022 CEE Automotive Supply Chain

CEE Automotive Supply Chain took place on 11 and 12 October 2022. This was an opportunity for Air Time Critical® to contribute to the debates about ecology, sustainable development, the shortage of semiconductors and the ever-increasing energy prices.

Logistics emergencies - Why ATC

Why choose ATC for logistics emergencies? 10 exclusive services that make all the difference

Air Time Critical®, specialist in very urgent international delivery, proves to be a crucial ally for logistics emergencies and stands out from standard air freight agents.

Urgent shipments to Hong Kong – Is OBC currently the best option

Urgent shipments to Hong Kong – Is OBC currently the best option?

Following the tightening of Covid restrictions in China, priority air freight is currently the most suitable solution for an urgent delivery to Hong Kong. Find out why now with Air Time Critical®.

Urgent On Board Courier Asia-Europe

Urgent On Board Courier Asia-Europe

Trust Air Time Critical®’s On Board Courier service for your urgent shipments from Asia to Europe. Our numerous international couriers are posted across Asia waiting to jump on a plane and deliver your urgent parcels in Europe expeditiously.

United States Reopening International Flights – On Board Courier

USA Reopen to International Flights – Is OBC Worth it?

The Covid-19 crisis had prevented any travel from Europe to the United States. However, as of 9 November 2021, the USA announced they were reopening their borders. This means that transport by On Board Courier can now resume for urgent shipments.

On Board Courier - Express van

When On Board Courier beats an express van

Find out, with Air Time Critical®’s example delivery schedule from Central Europe to the UK, how an On Board Courier (or hand carry) can be faster than an express van for urgent deliveries within Europe.

Mexico - On-Board Courier

On Board Courier: 276kg of cargo to Mexico

Discover with Air Time Critical an example of urgent transport by plane with Courier on Board between Germany and Mexico.