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Africa and On Board Courier – Frequently asked questions


On Board Courier to West Africa – Frequently asked questions:

Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding sending On Board Courier (OBC) to West Africa. From the speed of deliveries to the types of goods accepted, get the essential information.

1. What are the delivery times for an OBC service to West Africa ?

Delivery times vary depending on the destination, but in general, delivery can be made the same day or the next day depending on flights departing from France (Paris CDG ou Orly). An ideal deadline for time-critical professional shipments.

2. What types of goods can be sent via the On Board Courier solution to Africa ?

The service can be used to send various goods, including spare parts, industrial equipment, and even urgent documents. However, please note that there may be restrictions on certain items due to security reasons. See for example the products prohibited or regulated by Air France.

3. Is it safe to send on board courier to Africa ?

Yes, experienced couriers accompany packages and ensure their fast and reliable delivery, with tracking measures throughout the process. This hand carry courier service is considered one of the most reliable modes of transport.

4. What are the costs associated with sending an on board courier to Africa ?

Rates depend on various factors, including package size, destination and urgency of delivery. A personalized quote can be obtained from the service. In any case, the OBC solution is a premium transport option, prices start from 3000-4000€.

5. What are the steps to follow to organize the sending of an OBC shipment to Africa ?

The basic documents to be provided are the commercial invoice and the detailed packing list. Contact us for assistance with paperwork and required documents.

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Please note:
The On Board Courier solution is available exclusively to professional customers with a VAT and an exporter EORI number. Currently, ATC services are not available to individuals for personal shipments.