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Labor Day 2024 – Secure your air freight now


Next week bank holidays in EU, China, and Japan: Be ready! 

Next week marks the beginning of several public holidays worldwide, with most countries observing Labour Day on Wednesday, 1 May.  
China will enter a holiday period extending until Sunday, 5 May, while Japan will begin a series of four holidays starting Friday, 3 May. 
Additionally, the first two weeks of May might see key business decision-makers in Europe less available, as many extend their holidays around these dates.

Apart from Labour Day, other significant public holidays include: 

  • Orthodox Easter in Romania
  • Holidays in France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia

Upcoming public holidays 1-12 May 

1 May: Labour Day in most countries

2-5 May: Extended holidays in China

3-6 May: Series of holidays in Japan, Korea and Romania

8 May: France, Czech Republic, Slovakia

9 May: France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Sweden 

Impact on logistics 

These holidays may significantly disrupt your supply chain, particularly with reduced customs operations in China and across Europe. Plan ahead to mitigate potential delays:

  • China: Expect closures at some airports with reduced customs staff
  • Europe: Watch for sporadic business operations during this period

Urgent shipments from Asia to Europe 

Do you have some urgent shipments to organize from Asia to Europe during this period ? If so, we can offer you a range of solutions with departure just before or immediately after the end of the holiday period, so your deliveries are not affected. 

To secure your most urgent shipments, contact Air Time Critical® with no delay to reserve space on the remaining available flights. The earliest, the better. 

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