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Urgent shipment to Hong Kong?

Urgent shipment to Hong Kong

Air Time Critical® took a call from a customer on a late Friday afternoon, requesting an urgent France-Hong Kong shipment with pickup of the goods on site the next morning.

Fast France-Hong Kong delivery

Details of the priority air freight solution

  • Flight type: priority air freight
  • Service: door-to-door France – Hong Kong delivery
  • Goods: 3 boxes of 10 kg each (car parts)
  • Flight route: Paris CDG – Hong Kong

Sequence of the express shipment to Hong Kong

  • 9 July, 11:30 – Goods pickup in France
  • 9 July, 16:30 – Customs clearance at Paris CDG airport
  • 10 July, 12:15 – Flight take-off from Paris CDG
  • 11 July, 20:00 – Flight landing at Hong Kong airport
  • 12 July, 11:30 – Goods delivery at Hong Kong site.

NB: All times indicated are local times. 

What delivery time frame for this France-Hong Kong priority shipment?

Delivered 3 days faster than standard freight!

This door-to-door priority shipment from France to Hong Kong was carried out in 2 days and 18 hours (distance as the crow flies: almost 9,500 km).

Average time saved compared to standard express air freight: 3 days.

ATC®’s added value for your urgent shipments:

  • Handling setbacks at Paris CDG: As the cargo was handed over to the airline, it turned out that the handling company no longer operated on weekends. Without Air Time Critical®’s intervention, loading of the goods would have been postponed to the Monday.
  • Plan B: Air Time Critical® decided to commission and pay for another handling company operating on weekends, so that the goods could be loaded onto the scheduled flight whatever the cost.
  • Outcome: The cargo entrusted to Air Time Critical® was loaded onto the scheduled flight and left on the Saturday without any delay. The remainder of the cargo handed over to other air freight forwarders at Roissy airport on the Friday was stored until the Monday when the usual handling agent reopened (2 days’ delay).

Air Time Critical® provides dedicated tracking for each shipment and tackles any setback promptly. Such responsiveness compensates most delays or at the very least minimises them. This premium tracking service offers customers an additional guarantee of reliability.

Need to ship boxes or pallets to Hong Kong urgently?

Contact Air Time Critical® right away, the freight forwarder specialising in urgent shipments:

  • via  our immediate quote form
  • by phone: Europe Support – +32 2 888 84 16 (EN/FR)
Note: The dates, timings, locations, and names mentioned above may have been changed to preserve customer confidentiality.