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USA Reopen to International Flights – Is OBC Worth it?

United States Reopening International Flights – On Board Courier

As international flights to the United States resumed on 9 November 2021, it is now much easier to organise On Board Courier transport for urgent shipments from France or Europe to the USA.

What is On Board Courier?

On Board Courier, or OBC, is a very speedy and efficient door-to-door transport solution which offers pickup within the hour and delivery anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours.

How does it work? A courier boards the first available flight with your goods in their luggage and delivers them in person. Delivery time frames are greatly reduced as the courier boards a flight within hours of your order.

On Board Courier solutions had been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 health crisis and the ensuing closing of borders. Emergency air freight had to be used instead, a speedy option that is nevertheless not as swift as OBC. Indeed, unlike freight solutions, a courier can jump on the first available flight and thus avoid the cargo terminal altogether.

The reopening of U.S. borders is therefore excellent news for your urgent parcel shipments and a good opportunity for us to review the situation across the world.

On Board Courier: A Global Review as of 15 November 2021

Destinations open to Europe

Some countries currently allow On Board Courier delivery from Europe, starting with the 27 European Union states as borders have remained open within Europe. Except for ad hoc local restrictions, it is therefore possible to use OBC for urgent shipments between EU member states.

Canada and Mexico have also reopened their borders since October 2021 and thus enabled urgent shipments via On Board Courier.

Note: Although it is possible for a European citizen to travel to Mexico, it isn’t possible for a Mexican courier to travel to Europe. Certain destinations may indeed be open in one direction only, for those who hold appropriate passports.

Urgent shipments from Europe to South Africa or Dubai are still allowed.

Destinations closed to Europe

At the time of writing, Asian countries remain closed to On Board Courier transport. Every single Asian country has closed its borders to the rest of the world (including Japan, China, Singapore, or Taiwan). Emergency or priority air freight remain the only solutions for your urgent shipments of components, essential equipment, or semi-conductors.

Possible destinations with conditions

Each country sets its own public policy in terms of health and prevention, which itself shapes the local health situation. A state may decide to open or close its borders, but another also has the choice of including or excluding that state from its list of approved destinations for its citizens.

Here are some destinations with conditions:

  • Morocco: Many flight routes from Europe have been closed. For example, it is not possible to travel to Morocco from Germany, the Netherlands, or the UK. However, travel from Paris (France) is still possible under strict conditions, namely with a negative PCR test taken within the last 48 hours
  • Algeria: To travel to Algeria, obtaining a Visa is essential
  • Tunisia: It is not possible to travel to Tunisia without having a Tunisian passport and a negative PCR test

Note: As the evolution of the Covid-19 crisis is unpredictable, each country’s restrictions could change at a moment’s notice. Some countries may decide to close their borders while others may relax restrictions. 

The situation can change daily so we recommend that you contact Air Time Critical® for the latest information. We will be able to advise you on the restrictions specific to each destination and recommend the solution best suited to your priority shipment.

The information in this article is liable to change without notice. (Info correct as of 15 November 2021)

How much is an On Board Courier delivery?

The price of an On Board Courier delivery varies according to the destination (Europe or internationally). For a same-day delivery in Europe, consider a budget between €2,500 and €3,000. For an international mission (long-haul flight), prices are different according to:

  • The courier
  • Flight availability
  • Delivery destination
  • The need or not to have a Visa
  • Quantity to deliver
  • Time of year

Consider a budget around €5,000. For an exact price and a tailor-made solution, contact us or fill out our online quotation form.

For urgent shipments, think OBC

Call on Air Time Critical® for expert, hassle-free handling of your parcel:

  • 24/7 express pre- and post-dispatch operations
  • Dedicated international courier
  • Customs clearance – including advance payment of import duties and taxes
  • Visa management
  • In-person parcel delivery (with proof available within an hour of handover)

Please contact us or fill out our online request form to take full advantage of our On Board Courier services for all your urgent shipments.