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Air charter: Western French airports for urgent shipments

Air Charter - Western France Airports
About the author: Air Time Critical® specializes in emergency air freight deliveries and last-minute charters for the industry.

Air Time Critical® recommends air charter for emergency deliveries in Europe in a matter of hours. This dedicated solution, whereby a chartered plane speedily transports your goods to a given location, offers many advantages:

  • 24/7 availability
  • On-demand flights
  • Door-to-door delivery throughout Europe
  • Best transit times (4-8 hours in Europe)
  • Flexible loading capacity

This article focuses on Western France airports. To help you organize emergency shipments to/from Western France everywhere in Europe, you will find below a list of airports in the region.

Rouen Airport (URO)

Region: Normandy

Air charter operations: No freight capacity – Small packages only – On request

Non-Schengen Airport

Caen Airport (CFR)

Region: Normandy

Air charter operations: By day

Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LBG) 

Region: Île-de-France

Air charter operations: 24/7 to be confirmed  

Schengen airport – Customs capacities 09–12:00 and 14-17:00 with prior notice and confirmation

Rennes Airport (RNS)

Region: Brittany

Air charter operations: By day

Le Mans Airport (LME)

Region: Pays de la Loire

Air charter operations: Short runway (limits the types of aircraft available)

Back-up airports: Angers, Orléans, Châteauroux & Le Bourget

Nantes Airport (NTE)

Region: Pays de la Loire

Air charter operations: By day – 24/7 on request

Angers Airport (ANE)

Region: Pays de la Loire

Air charter operations: By day – 24/7 on request

Customs: 48 hours’ notice required for non-Schengen countries (UK, Romania, etc.)

Châteauroux Airport (CHR)

Region: Centre-Val de Loire

Air charter operations: By day – 24/7 on request

Customs capacities

Note: Transportation rules for the UK changed after Brexit in that only Schengen airports with customs capacity can handle shipment to/from the UK.

How much is an air charter delivery?

To know the price of an air charter delivery, many parameters must be taken in consideration:

  • Flight distance (pickup and delivery places)
  • Flight availability
  • Mission complexity (delivery time, shipment nature)
  • Quantity to deliver (weight & dimensions, number of packages)

For a load of less than 2 tons, consider a budget around €10,000 and €15,000. For more capacity, budget around €30,000 and €35,000. For an exact price and a tailor-made solution, contact us or fill out our online quotation form.

Emergencies – Air charter  

The information contained in this article may change without prior notice (correct as of 14 December 2021).

To book an air charter in France or Europe, obtain real-time information about aircrafts/airports availability, or for customs clearance assistance, contact us now or fill out our online quotation form.


This article forms part of a series of posts published by Air Time Critical® on air charter capacities across French regions. Read our articles about Spain, England and Northern France airports on our website 

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