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Air charter & urgent delivery – Airports in England?

Brexit - UK airports Air Charter
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Air charter : To help you prepare for Brexit, you will find below a regional list of English airports with opening hours of their cargo operations and nearby towns and cities. 

Having information on airport operations to hand can greatly facilitate priority freight operations in normal times. This will be more crucial still once Brexit comes into effect on 1 January 2021.

In the New Year, reactivity will be needed to organise successful last-minute transport between England and mainland Europe.

For instance, you will need to ensure that your suppliers are well prepared for Brexit, particularly in terms of documents to provide, customs HS codes, and other essential formalities.

In addition, we would encourage you, if you have not already done so, to locate your main English suppliers on a map and identify the closest operating airports.

This way, should you have to organise an urgent flight to avoid a production stoppage at your own or your customer’s factory, this information will save you valuable time.

The following regional list of airports, sorted from north to south, should help you:

Newcastle airport (EGNY / NCL)

Region: North East England

Air charter operations: 24/7, night-time handling on request.

Alternative airport during the daytime: Teesside airport.

Teesside airport (EGNV / MME)

Region: Tees Valley, North East England

Air charter operations: daytime, till 10pm local time.

Alternative airport at night: Newcastle airport

Doncaster Sheffield airport (EGCN / DSA)

Region: South Yorkshire

Air charter operations: 24/7

Liverpool airport (EGGP / LPL)

Region: North West England

Air charter operations: 24/7

East Midlands airport (EGNX / EMA)

Region: East Midlands

Air charter operations: 24/7, large airport for cargo (allow extra time to receive the cargo), night-time handling on request.

Alternative airport: Birmingham or Doncaster airports

Birmingham airport (EGBB / BHX)

Region: West Midlands

Air charter operations: 24/7

Oxford airport (EGTK / OXF)

Region: Thames Valley, South East England

Air charter operations: Daytime only, no export flights.

Alternative airport at night: Birmingham airport

Cardiff airport (EGFF / CWL)

Region: Wales

Air charter operations: 24/7, night-time handling on request.

Alternative airport: Birmingham airport

Please note that all of the above information is subject to confirmation from the airports when booking an air charter. Furthermore, restrictions can occur with no prior notice, especially with the Covid-19.

Brexit and immediate air charter:

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