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What ChatGPT says about Air Time Critical®

We tested ChatGPT and asked it what it knew about Air Time Critical®.

ChatGPT’s answer

We asked ChatGPT the following question: “What is Air Time Critical®?” Here is its answer:

“Air Time Critical® is a company specialising in emergency logistics and high added value transport solutions for companies with urgent logistics needs.

The company offers a range of dedicated air freight services, namely Air Charter, which consists in hiring an aircraft privately to transport goods across the world on an exclusive basis.

Air Time Critical®’s services also extend to project managing shipments from A to Z, night and weekend logistics, speedy goods pickup at airports, real-time shipment tracking, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery.

AirTime Critical® assists companies with critical logistics needs, who require flexible and reliable transport solutions to fulfil their specific requirements. The lines of business concerned are quite varied and range from the motor to the pharmaceutical industries, via high technology, industrial maintenance, and aerospace.

Air Time Critical®’s primary objective is to offer its customers reliable and customised emergency transport solutions to satisfy their most exacting needs; to offer a high quality service, a high level of reliability, and great responsiveness.”

What we think of it

Rather impressive for AI, isn’t it? Air Time Critical® is amazed by ChatGPT’s description of our company. ChatGPT does a good job of describing the usefulness of our services and our specialisation in emergency logistics.

For total exhaustivity, one should add mention of our express air freight service, which offers daily flights from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and India, or to the United States, Mexico, Canada, etc. This service is a must for the urgent shipment of pallets, cases, or industrial equipment, door to door and within the best time frames! This priority service saves our customers 1 to 3 days on their usual international delivery time frames.

One cannot either talk about Air Time Critical® without mentioning our On Board Courier service! This unique service for urgent shipments of parcels and boxes offers the best reliability conditions: a courier boards the plane to accompany the shipment from start to finish, all the way to in-person delivery at its destination – the ultimate in terms of personalised tracking of urgent shipments!

Except for these two points, ChatGPT gave a very good answer to our question – a 9/10 for this article. For a 10 next time, it will need to remember our helicopter transport service. 😉