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Urgent On Board Courier Asia-Europe

Urgent On Board Courier Asia-Europe

Need to organise urgent hand delivery from Asia to Europe?

Air Time Critical®, your global emergency industrial shipment specialist, offers an On Board Courier service and its large team of international couriers posted in Asia are ready to board a plane at a moment’s notice. They can deliver your urgent parcels from Asia to Europe within unbeatable time frames.

On Board Courier is the ideal solution for your samples, spare parts, or industrial prototypes that need urgent delivery to Europe from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam or any other Asian country. With this speedy and secure solution, Air Time Critical® handles everything, from the pick-up of your urgent parcels at your Asian supplier’s through to the delivery to the European consignee, including flight booking and customs clearance (requirements vary across countries).

Parcel tracking is optimal from start to finish – the courier provides real-time data from parcel pick-up to hand delivery to the final consignee.

Our international couriers are accustomed to emergency freight situations and work closely with our office. They all have the passport and visas required to pass border controls all the way to the destination country. This includes visas for China, Europe, the USA, Mexico, Canada or even India.

On Board Courier is a popular service with R&D centres, the motor and aviation industries, industrial maintenance departments, as well as the film and luxury industries, as it combines unbeatable delivery lead times with fast response and high security for any urgent or sensitive shipment.

FAQ – On Board Courier?

Maximum weights and measurements

Standard measurements accepted by most airlines:

  • In cabin: 1 individual parcel under 10kg, maximum 40 x 20 x 25cm
  • In hold: 10-32kg per parcel, maximum 152cm (L + W + H = 152cm) and 200kg

All to be confirmed with the airline at the time of booking.

Booking the flight

Air Time Critical® organises the flight as well as parcel pick-up and delivery to destination. With this flexible solution, an appointment can be made with the courier at the airport, if convenient, to hand over or collect the goods.

How to book an On Board Courier

  • Instant quote: Form
  • Telephone: +32 2 888 84 16 (EN/FR)

On Board Courier – Note: this service is for business accounts only (not for private individuals) and subject to availability at the time of booking.