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03-05 June: Dragon Boat Festival public holidays in China

Dragon Boat Festival

China and Hong Kong are getting ready for Dragon Boat Festival. This year it falls on June 3 (Friday) and is followed by 2 more public holiday days on Saturday and Sunday.

Do not forget to discuss the exact working hours with your Asian suppliers and customers.

Currently there are no restrictions for export and import from Hong Kong. A bonded truck from China needs to be booked one day in advance. We can offer you the best chance to book the first available flight and deliver your shipment to Europe in the shortest possible time.

In case the holiday affects your supply chain, do not hesitate to contact Air Time Critical® for a quick tailor-made solution.

Dragon Boat Festival (3-5 July 2022)

It is one of the four traditional Chinese festivals with more than 2000 years of history. In the Chinese calendar it falls on the fifth day of the fifth month. The main traditions are eating traditional food (Zongzi – rice stuffed different meats and wrapped in a bamboo leaf), drinking realgar wine, hanging mugwort leaves on the door and of course watching or participating in dragon boat races.

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