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Private flight: Paris-Casablanca, a bespoke & starred flight!

Paris-Casablanca: a bespoke, Michelin-starred return private flight

Customer requirements

A famous, Michelin-starred French chef has been hired by a Moroccan celebrity to cook at their wedding. The chef needs to travel from Paris to Casablanca with a team of cooks and calls on ATC® to organise a bespoke private flight.

The request is as follows:

  • Departure city: Paris
  • Arrival city: Casablanca
  • Number of passengers: 10
  • Return flight: Yes
  • Departure date & time (outbound flight): 24 June – 08:00
  • Departure date & time (return flight): 26 June – 16:00

How did ATC® respond?

After checking out the market for airlines offering the best deal for their specifications, ATC® made the following proposal to their customer within three hours:

  • Aircraft: Saab 340
  • Number of passengers: 10
  • Outbound flight: Paris-Le Bourget-Casablanca, 24 June – 08:00
  • Return flight: Casablanca-Paris-Le Bourget, 26 June – 16:00
  • Flying time: 2 hrs 50 mn
  • Guideline price range: €30,000–35,000 (VAT exempt)

Business flights – ATC®’s added value

As the customer needed to travel with a lot of professional kitchen equipment that had to remain secure during the flight, we immediately selected the Saab 340 aircraft. It offers generous hold space and substantial maximum load at take-off, an ideal combination to transport all the necessary equipment.

We further suggested that they hire express vans to move the equipment first from their restaurant to Paris-Le Bourget airport, and then from Casablanca airport to the celebration venue in Morocco.

Why use a private flight for this trip?

A private flight was undoubtedly a better option than a commercial flight to meet the customer’s needs:

  • Having the option to choose the outbound flight time greatly facilitated the preparation of the schedule
  • Less Covid-related risk with fewer people involved and no waiting time at the airport (possibility of arriving 30 minutes before take-off)
  • Enhanced privacy: our well-known customer did not wish to be disturbed by the crowd on arrival at the airport and could make use of a private lounge before boarding
  • Hassle-free flight: all the kitchen equipment is carefully packed and secured in the hold to avoid any breakage
  • Additional service: the kitchen equipment is handled and delivered by a removal firm

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