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Private flight: Quimper-Amiens return in a day!

Private flight: Quimper-Amiens return in a day

Customer requirements

A French company is planning to transport 15 staff members from Quimper to Amiens for a business event scheduled in May 2022. It is hoped to travel there and back in the same day to avoid paying for accommodation and losing two days of work. Unfortunately, the transport options on offer don’t meet their requirements: a return trip by road would take more than 14 hours and there are no train or commercial flight connections between the two cities.

The company therefore reached out to Air Time Critical® seeking a private flight solution, as follows:

  • Departure city: Quimper
  • Arrival city: Amiens
  • Number of passengers: 15
  • Return flight: Yes
  • Departure date & time (outbound flight): 15 May 2022 – 07:30
  • Departure date & time (return flight): 15 May 2022 – 19:00

Air Time Critical®’s solution

After checking out the market for airlines offering the best deal for their specifications, ATC® promptly got back to the company with the following proposal:

  • Aircraft: Beechcraft 1900D
  • Number of passengers: 15
  • Outbound flight:
    • Date & time: 15 May 22 – 08:00
    • Route: Quimper/LFRQ – Albert-Bray/LFAY
  • Return flight:
    • Date & time: 15 May 22 – 19:00
    • Route: Albert-Bray/LFAQ – Quimper/LFRQ
  • Flying time: 1.5 hrs
  • In-flight services:
    • Coffee, tea, fruit juice, pastries, daily newspapers and magazines in the morning
    • Open bar, aperitif, cold drinks, and magazines in the evening
  • Guideline price range: €15,000–20,000 (inc. VAT)

Air Time Critical®’s added value

The customer had indicated that they wished to land at the airport nearest their site in Amiens. However, Air Time Critical® was aware, through its precise knowledge of local French airports, of a fuel shortage situation at Amiens-Glisy/LFAY airport and was therefore able to advise them against it. Instead, ATC® suggested landing at Albert-Bray/LFAY airfield – only 30 minutes outside Amiens – to avoid any fuel supply problem.

Many setbacks will be avoided by using an operator with an intimate knowledge of local airports.

Why use a private flight for this trip?

A private flight was undoubtedly the best option for this request. A same-day return trip between the two cities would not have been possible with another means of transport:

  • Car: 650 km to cover between the two cities, i.e. over 7 hours’ drive (14 hours for a return trip)
  • Train: no direct connection between the two cities, trip would take around eight hours
  • Commercial flight: no direct connection between the two cities, route not viable

A business flight makes all the difference on this route:

  • Ideal flying time: 1.5 hours (a gain of 11 hours over a road trip)
  • Possibility of getting to the airport just 15 minutes before take-off (against a 2/3-hour wait at the airport for commercial flights)
  • Novel flight experience for passengers (appreciation and retention of partners and existing or prospective customers)

Need a private flight? Get in touch!

Air Time Critical® acts a broker by sifting through all air operator offers in France and Europe in order to secure the most advantageous ones for your business flights.

Need to organise a private flight? Head to our webpage dedicated to private flight hire where you’ll find all the information you require (rates, destinations, options, etc.) and a quick request form. You may also be interested in our article on how to select an aircraft for a business flight.

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