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Express delivery France-Japan in 24 hours


How ATC® helped a robotic high-tech company to deliver essential electronic components to Japan for a presentation at Yokohama’s Robotics Conference 2024.

Shipping France-Japan: Customer issue

The client is participating in the international robotics exhibition, a must-see in Japan for enthusiasts around the world. Issue? The show begins the next day, and a few essential components are missing. Without these prototyped parts, it is impossible to present their creation: a latest-generation robot. In terms of volume to be transported, this represents little, a single package and less than 1kg. But how can we ensure France-Japan delivery for the next day?

France-Japan delivery in 24 hours, how to go about it?

Our client does not come from the logistics world. As a product engineer in robotics, he/she relies on us to give him the essential advice for the smooth running of this expedition.

Given the packing and the urgency of its shipment, we recommend an On Board Courier solution (OBC): a courier takes charge of the goods and jumps on the first available flight to Japan from Paris Roissy CDG.

The precious package is escorted from start to finish and travels as hand luggage, in the cabin with the passenger. Responsiveness, reliability, and hand delivery to the hotel where our client is staying in Japan for these few days of the show. Perfect for this situation!

Deliver your packages to Japan the next day with international OBC shipping

Shipping to Japan and documentation, where to start?

This shipment to Japan was not planned, and the customer needs advice on the documentation to be provided and customs procedures. We advise him to prepare a proforma invoice, as in this case, there is no sale or release for consumption upon arrival in Japan. This document attesting to the non-commercial use of the goods should allow a simplified customs procedure upon arrival in Japan.

Commercial invoice or proforma? documentation? … Let yourself be guided

We also guide the customer through the mandatory information that must appear on the documents accompanying the shipment. This way, he/she is reassured and knows that everything is in place for a France-Japan shipment in accordance with the rules and without a hitch.

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Transport procedures: ATC® takes care of it all!

France-Japan: door-to-door & worry-free parcel delivery

30 minutes after the customer’s confirmation, ATC® sends them the flight itinerary and the expected arrival time on Tokyo-Haneda HND. A motorcycle taxi takes care of the goods within 60 minutes for optimal responsiveness.

One hour later, the package is delivered to our international courier at the passenger terminal at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. The customer receives a photo of the shipment on WhatsApp for live tracking.

Deliver your packages the next day in Japan!

Two hours later, the check-in is completed, and the passenger is waiting to board the China Eastern BOEING 777-300. The flight went smoothly, and delivery took place the next day in Yokohama, in the large reception hall of the hotel, where the customer was waiting for us, happy to receive his long-awaited package. Door-to-door and hand-delivery mission accomplished!

The schedule of this France-Japan express shipment:

Monday :

  • 09:01 Customer confirmation – Japan On Board Courier operations launched
  • 09:30 Flight details and courier name confirmed, ticket booked
  • 10:28 Motorcycle taxi on site for collection – Paris centre
  • 10:34 Package collection confirmed, motorcycle taxi en route to Roissy
  • 11:10 Delivery of the shipment to the international courier in Paris CDG
  • 12:31 The courier on board has passed security checks and is waiting in the departure lounge. Parcel safe in the hand luggage
  • 13:22 ATC courier sends a text: he is on board the flight to Tokyo-Haneda HND Japan via PVG
  • 13:25 Departure of confirmed flight

Tuesday :

  • 16:28 Flight arrival at Tokyo-Haneda Airport (HND)
  • 18:10 Immigration and customs checks completed
  • 18:15 Courier in direct contact with the customer on WhatsApp to arrange delivery details
  • 18:31 ATC courier in the taxi and heading to Yokohama. Customer informed directly
  • 19:16 Delivery to the Grand Hotel in Yokohama, delivered to the customer in person and signed for the POD

France-Japan shipping, what delivery times?

As this shipment of electronic components demonstrates, an OBC shipping solution allows express delivery from France to Japan overnight. Note that this is possible despite the time difference which is unfavorable for any shipment leaving France to go to Asia (time difference of + 7 hours between Paris and Tokyo).

How to contact ATC® for your express shipments to Japan?

You can contact our teams via the online form, which will guide you on what information to provide (packaging, departure and delivery address, etc.). Leave your contact details, and we will get back to you within 15 – 30 minutes on average.

Outside of office hours, or if you have any questions, you can contact us by phone at any time at +32 2 888 84 16 for Europe.

We are at your disposal to simplify urgent shipments to Japan!

Note: The dates, times, places and names mentioned may have been modified in order to preserve the confidentiality of our customers.