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Transport procedures: ATC® takes care of it all!

Transport procedures international customs

Procedures, commercial invoices, customs, VAT, T1, ATR certificate, import… Let Air Time Critical® handle it!

Wrong VAT number on a commercial invoice? Incorrect weight or dimensions from your supplier? Invalid collection references?

We can help you with all of this: complicated import procedures, checking customs HS codes, opening a T1 transit procedure, applying reverse charge VAT, temporary importation procedure for an exhibition, advance payment of duties and taxes to release a cargo.

Shipping internationally means a lot of transport procedures and things to check, as well as a lot of time on your phone and emails to try and solve things.

Transport, customs… so much to check!

Here at Air Time Critical®, we assist our clients with this sort of things on a daily basis. We help them with both transport and procedures: customs formalities and necessary documentation (ATA carnet, T1, ATR certificates or EUR1, etc.). We handle it all for them.

That means we contact the supplier to check references, the nature of the goods, customs codes, packaging, and pickup time. We get the documents back, plan customs, etc.

By taking on part of the transport-related admin tasks, ATC® takes the burden off our clients and allows them to get on with other things.

Transport procedures: early warning to avoid delays

In addition, ATC® warns you of any non-compliant aspects on your commercial invoices or packing lists.

“Hello, this is ATC®. The import EORI number doesn’t match the delivery site. Can you please check if this is correct?”

Indeed, such small details can often block shipments in customs and delay deliveries if they are not identified in time. ATC® asks the right questions at the right time, thus guaranteeing hassle-free processing of your urgent shipments.

Does your regular forwarder advise you on these aspects?

We have lost count of the number of cases where this attention to detail made the difference between timely delivery and a shipment blocked at customs for several days.

So does your regular forwarder advise you on these important aspects? Do they raise the alarm before transport commences to avoid problems and delays?

This may have no impact on daily, non-urgent shipments, for which you have more time. However, for your more important shipments, where production stoppage or late delivery penalties are at stake, that can change everything.

If this situation sounds familiar, feel free to share your experiences with us. We can help you secure your critical and urgent shipments, and will shoulder some of the admin procedures.

Air Time Critical® – An ally by your side


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