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Choose helicopter transport for urgent maintenance operations

Helicopter transport - Urgent maintenance operations

A corrective maintenance specialist based in northern France contacts Air Time Critical® to arrange an urgent shipment of spare parts by helicopter. They describe the challenge:

“We need to repair a robot but it is taking longer than expected. We would need a helicopter for an express delivery from Douvrin (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) to our client’s factory in the Pays de la Loire as quickly as possible. We normally dispatch an express taxi but, on this occasion, there is a distance of 450km (280mi) to cover via Paris. This would take at least 6 hours by road, which is far too long for our client.”

This is the type of situation that Air Time Critical® faces on a daily basis.

Is helicopter delivery faster than an express taxi?

In this particular case, the express helicopter delivery we offered our client actually halved the journey time from 6 to 3 hours!

Helicopter transport is an extremely efficient solution for emergency door-to-door deliveries of industrial equipment over 300 to 600km (180—380mi).

No traffic jams with helicopters!

Helicopter delivery is also great to avoid road congestion for trickier itineraries:

  • large cities nearby
  • rush hour traffic
  • holiday periods
  • various challenges such as civil commotion, flooding, snowfall, etc.

Why resort to helicopter transport for urgent maintenance operations?

When faced with urgent industrial maintenance situations where time is of the essence, helicopter chartering offers unbeatable delivery speed and reliability.

An added bonus is that the maintenance technician can also board the aircraft and install the spare parts on arrival! This little extra really does sway our clients when it comes to emergency corrective maintenance.

How to book a helicopter charter?

You can ring Air Time Critical® or contact us via the quote request form on our website. Ensure you have the following information readily available:

Helicopter transport checklist

  • Weight and overall dimensions of the equipment or goods to transport
  • Description of the goods to transport
  • Shipment collection time
  • Exact pickup and delivery addresses with distance to cover and expected road delivery times
  • Landing on site possible? (if known)

That’s it! Your Air Time Critical® agent will then be able to advise and guide you towards the most suitable solution for your emergency situation.