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On Board Courier: 276kg of cargo to Mexico

Mexico - On-Board Courier

Discover the story of an urgent international shipment thanks to an On Board Courier solution (with courier on board).

Story: On Board Courier to Mexico

Our client in Mexico contacts us at 8pm (CEST). They have to get as fast as possible a pallet with 276kg of automotive spare parts from Germany. Problem: the parts have to arrive the next day at night at the latest in Mexico, and their German supplier can’t find any solution. 

We checked the available flights and, indeed, the next flight is leaving in the morning which does not give us enough time to make the freight go with an airline. We then offer our solution of hand-carry with two On Board Couriers (OBC). This solution is more flexible, and the passengers can get to the airport 2 hours before departure and catch the flight. 

The 276kg pallet is divided in 30 packages of 9kg each. The flight departs in the morning and lands in Mexico in the early afternoon. 

ATC® anticipated customs clearance with the consignee’s broker and booked an express taxi for the local delivery. The parts get to the plant the same night. Delivery from Europe to Mexico, customs procedures included, door to door in less than 36 hours. Mission accomplished! 

About the author:

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