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Air charter: Urgent delivery CZ-UK in under 12 hours?

Urgent delivery CZ-UK - Air Charter
An impossible challenge? Fortunately, a solution little known to the general public should save the day: the air charter delivery. 

Express delivery: 1 500 km in less than 12 hours? Quite a challenge!

Urgent delivery CZ – UK needed: 6 pallets, 900 kg, 1 500 km to cover, and less than 12hours before the production gets to a stop due to a supply chain shortage…

How could it happen despite your fine-tuned logistics and production process? Could be that the parts previously delivered on time had an incorrect part number? Or that they failed the quality control? Or that a supply-chain issue at your supplier’s place delayed your production?

The reasons are numerous for the delay, either way, the question is: how to cover 1 500 km in less than 12 hours? Because this is the condition to meet not to shut down a car manufacturer in Birmingham this evening.

Immediately dispatch an express van?

Usually, an express van hitting the road can solve this kind of issue. However, sometimes the deadline is too tight and the road is no longer the solution. In the situation at hand, an express delivery by road would take 18 to 20 hours from Prague to Birmingham. The vehicle would not arrive at its destination until the next morning, keeping the production down for the whole night. So it’s time to consider an urgent delivery by air: the air charter.

Urgent delivery: air-charter 8 hours VS express-van 18 hours

But how long does an urgent delivery take with an air charter? Let’s do the math:

1/ Unless the plane is already there, it must be positioned to the nearest airport. This typically takes 2,5 hours. This time is usually used to pack the shipment and bring it to the airport.

2/ At larger airport, such as Prague airport, you should allow 60-90 minutes between the delivery of the cargo to the airport and the departure. During this time, the handling agents secure and load the shipment onto the plane which then awaits departure permission from the control tower.

3/ The flight itself takes around three hours to Birmingham airport. Within 45-60mn of arrival, the shipment is loaded in an express van and on its way to its final destination.

By adding up all the transport stages, we come to a total shipping time of around 7-8 hours door to door with an air charter versus 1820 hours with an express van. So the air is twice as fast as the road. In case of a line stoppage, the decision is a no brainer!

Car manufacturer and supply chain emergency: we understand the importance of the situation

Due to our focus on only the fastest solutions, we appreciate how important a timely delivery is for you. We actively track your shipment throughout the transport journey and provide you with updates after each stage. This way, you and your clients remain informed all the way about the current status and expected delivery time.