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Repatriation flight Morocco-France – Coronavirus

Covid - Repatriation flight Morocco-France

Repatriation flight from Morocco at the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis:

A large consulting and engineering firm contacted ATC® to organize a repatriation flight from Morocco as soon as possible. A team of around thirty employees posted in Morocco were stranded there and needed to be repatriated to France as soon as possible.

Challenge: Commercial flights out of Morocco were very restricted and fully booked. Moroccan airspace could be closed at any time in the light of the COVID crisis evolution.

Solution: ATC® chartered a private jet for the client and liaised with the local consulate, the airport, the ground handling agents, and the client’s safety manager to organize the flight plan and traffic rights.

Air Time Critical® role? ATC® works to reassure, anticipate collaborators difficulties during the flight and ensure the smooth running of the trip. Private life and transport are organised in the greatest discretion. ATC® stays in touch with you or whoever you want during the flight. For big companies, ATC® is the main contact to your security director to coordonate repatriation details. ATC® works also with embassies and ensure the management of formalities: obtaining traffic rights, opening up airspace or passenger information.

The flight took off from Morocco late afternoon and the 29 passengers touched down on French soil that same evening at Paris-Le Bourget airport. Mission accomplished.