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Urgent transport from South Korea – What delivery time?

Urgent transport - South Korea

Through a real case example, discover below the stages and the time of delivery of an urgent air transport between South Korea and France. 

A major automotive client wanted to send 2 pallets of spare parts (1,000 kg each) from South Korea to France as quickly as possible. He turned to Air Time Critical® to handle this urgent shipment. 

Express delivery between South Korea and France  

Specifics of the priority air freight solution   

  • Flight Type: Priority Air Freight (NFO)
  • Service: Door-to-door delivery   
  • Goods: 2 x 1000 kg pallets (car parts)  
  • Flight Route: Incheon ICN – Paris Roissy CDG  

Timeline of the operations 

  • 18/02 – 22:30: Pick-up of the parcel at the South Korean site 
  • 19/02 – 08:20: Arrival of the goods at Incheon airport 
  • 19/02 – 11:10: Export clearance completed 
  • 21/02 – 05:00: Pallets accepted on the flight 
  • 21/02 – 10:00: Departure of flight from Incheon Airport (ICN) 
  • 21/02 – 13:50: Arrival of the flight at Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) 
  • 21/02 – 17:40: Completion of customs clearance at Roissy 
  • 21/02 – 19:50: Departure of an express taxi to target destination 
  • 21/02 – 21:30: Arrival of the express taxi on site 
  • 21/02 – 22:00: Delivery confirmed to the car manufacturer in France

N.B.: The times indicated correspond to local times   

What delivery time for this urgent delivery from South Korea to France?  

Only 3 days and 7 hours were needed to ensure this door-to-door shipment from South Korea to France (Distance as the crow flies: 9,100 km).  

Average time saving compared to conventional air freight: 3-4 days  

The added value of ATC®

The terms of approval or cancellation of a shipment are set in advance. True ease of mind.  

With Air Time Critical®, the terms and conditions for confirming or canceling a shipment are agreed in advance with the client, thereby avoiding any unpleasant surprises in the event of unforeseen events. 

For instance, for this transport from South Korea, it was agreed that the booking would only be confirmed under 2 conditions: 

  1. Goods being ready as planned in the morning at the supplier in South Korea  
  2. Confirmed space on the chosen flight by the airline 

 Had these two conditions not been met, the transport would have simply been canceled at no cost to the client. 

These transparent conditions, laid down upfront, allow the customer to go home without having to worry about the procedures being carried out while asleep. 

If everything goes to plan, the pick-up and booking of the flight can take place without having to keep him up all night. Otherwise (supplier’s delay, flight not available), the transport is just canceled at no cost to him. 

This ensures peace of mind for the customer who can rely on Air Time Critical® to plan ahead for them. 

Shipping a parcel from South Korea?   

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