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Urgent shipment to Mexico: Can premium air freight keep its promise?

Urgent shipment to Mexico Can premium air freight keep its promise

In this case study, an industrial customer asked Air Time Critical® to arrange an express air shipment to Mexico. The request was particular as the shipment didn’t follow the usual logistics processes. Therefore the customer was seeking a turnkey, door-to-door solution from France to Mexico. We came across an unexpected challenge during the shipping operation – did premium air freight make the difference?

The specified delivery time frame was tight (3 days) and the customer wanted the highest tracking level until delivery in Mexico.

On that basis, we recommended a premium air freight solution for maximum reliability throughout the shipping operation.

On Board Courier could also have been an option, but the required time frame meant that air freight was more economical for the customer.

Premium air freight to Mexico

  • Solution: Premium air freight (not consolidated, priority air freight)
  • Service: Door-to-door delivery
  • Goods: 1 box of 10 kg  / Electronic components
  • Flight route: Paris CDG-Frankfurt-Guadalajara
  • Flight duration: 15 hours

Stages of the France-Mexico express shipment

  • 27 June, 14:00: Goods collected from the French production site (1 parcel of 10 kg)
  • 27 June, 18:25: Express parcel promptly delivered at Roissy airport (CDG)
  • 27 June, 23:55: Last-minute request from the consignee: change of destination airport (Guadalajara instead of Mexico)
  • 28 June, 06:30: The ATC® team worked on arranging the new itinerary from Roissy airport
  • 28 June, 08:00: New itinerary sent to the customer for validation: the cargo would go through Frankfurt before flying direct to Guadalajara (GDL)
  • 28 June, 08:20: New CDG-FRA-GDL flight secured
  • 28 June, 20:30: Flight departed from Roissy airport
  • 29 June, 08:00: Goods delivered in Frankfurt
  • 29 June, 17:45: Flight left Frankfurt airport
  • 30 June, 02:15: Flight arrived at Guadalajara airport (GDL)
  • 30 June, 05:20: Acknowledgement of receipt of the goods at GDL airport
  • 30 June, 18:10: Import customs clearance completed
  • 30 June, 19:30: Goods delivered in Mexico within the specified time frame

Note: All times indicated are local times

What delivery time frames for urgent France-Mexico shipments?

This urgent, door-to-door France-Mexico shipment was executed in 3 days (distance as the crow flies: 9,700 km).

Time saved with the premium air freight solution compared to standard express air freight: 4 days (based on an average door-to-door delivery of 7 days with standard express freight).

Air Time Critical®’s added value

The flexibility of premium air freight

In this example, although the goods had already been collected and a flight planned from Paris to Mexico, the Mexican consignee asked for the consignment to land at Guadalajara airport rather than Mexico, as originally planned.

This last-minute request offered the opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility of premium air freight over standard express freight. The goods had already been delivered at Roissy airport and there was no direct CDG-GDL flight available. Nevertheless Air Time Critical® was able to propose a new flight via Frankfurt while keeping to the original delivery time frame.

No such flexibility would have been possible with standard express air freight (read ‘Differences between express air freight and premium air freight.’)

Need to organise an urgent shipment to Mexico?

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