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Account of an urgent Turkey-France shipment

Account of an urgent Turkey - France shipment

Urgent shipment from Turkey? Air freight is the solution

Air Time Critical® can execute your door-to-door Turkey-France deliveries faster than by road, even on weekends. The following case study recounts the stages of an urgent shipment of 3 pallets of car parts from Bursa, Turkey, to northern France.

The objective was to deliver pallets in France before production start on the Monday morning.

Here’s the shipment operation in brief:

  • Pickup Friday afternoon at 17:30, Bursa time
  • Arrival at Roissy airport on Saturday at 17:00
  • Delivery Monday morning at 05:00 – in time for the first production shift!

Express Turkey-France air freight: the complete story

The customer, a French car manufacturer, contacted us on Friday at 11:00 as their Turkish supplier was due to have parts ready that afternoon. The parts had to be delivered on the Monday morning to avoid a line stoppage in their northern French factory.

The urgency stemmed from the poor quality of the parts received earlier that week, many of which were rejected. This meant the parts in stock were unusable and thus Monday’s production was jeopardised.

Truck transport could not guarantee delivery in France by Monday morning. Pallets would not be delivered before Monday afternoon by road, in the best case scenario, which would have been too late for Monday morning’s shift and production.

Therefore the customer wanted to ship a limited amount of parts by air with Air Time Critical® to guarantee a first delivery Monday morning by 06:00 latest, and thus secure their production. The remainder of the parts (the bulk of the shipment) would follow by road with their usual forwarder.

Would air freight allow timely delivery despite the late hour in Turkey on a Friday?

Urgent transport in Turkey – What challenges await?

Challenges of this emergency shipment from Turkey – It was already 13:00 on a Friday in Turkey. No one knew yet what time the parts would be ready. This mode of transport requires good local responsiveness to organise an express taxi in Turkey on a moment’s notice.

There were also export procedures to organise with the shipper and parts to deliver at Istanbul airport as soon as possible; bearing in mind that Bursa is 3 hours’ drive away from Istanbul. So it was all very tight!

Export procedures at IST airport in the evening: one also needed to ensure that the export procedure could be undertaken at Istanbul Atatürk airport that same evening, outside the customs office opening hours. Failing that, it would have to wait until the Monday morning.

Express Turkey-France door-to-door delivery in practice

With this urgent request, Air Time Critical® liaised with the Turkish supplier to agree details of pickup and export procedure:

  • An express taxi was sent to Bursa for a 17:00 pickup by way of pre-carriage
  • Meanwhile ATC® and their local partners organised the export procedure at Istanbul airport, in close collaboration with the Turkish supplier
  • A request was made at Istanbul Atatürk airport for stand-by customs to allow export customs clearance outside opening hours on the Friday night
  • The 3 urgent pallets – 150 kg of car parts – were delivered at Istanbul airport at 19:30
  • Customs were cleared and the parts delivered by air freight in Istanbul before 21:00

The booking was secured on a direct Istanbul-Paris CDG flight with a Must-Go option. This priority booking grants goods privileged access to the reserved flight over other pallets and parcels deemed less urgent (consolidated freight / general cargo). This offered an additional guarantee that the 3 urgent pallets would be loaded on the first flight to Paris CDG.

Weekend and evening import procedures at Paris CDG

We pre-empted import procedures at Paris CDG and made a special request for weekend clearance.

ATC® agreed the customs procedure with the consignor: reversal of VAT liability, VAT-free import or not, ATR certificate, T1 or entry of goods for home use (to read: ATC® assists you with procedures).

The freight was cleared as soon as it arrived in Roissy on the Saturday evening and was kept at Paris CDG airport over the weekend. Delivery happened as requested at 05:00 Monday morning as the factory opened. This was just in time for the start of the first production shift.

A successful Turkey-France shipment, just as we like them at Air Time Critical®

Result: an efficient and successful Turkey-France express air freight mission. Deadlines were met and a fruitful collaboration was established with the various agents involved, from the Bursa supplier in Turkey to the staff at Istanbul airport, via the customs department of the consignee, and the evening and weekend stand-by team at Roissy airport. This resulted in deadline compliance and timely delivery of the goods for the Monday morning production.

A great adventure that played to the strengths of the Air Time Critical® team.

Urgent Turkey-France transport?

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