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England-France air charter: Airports available for your urgent freight

England-France air charter - Airports available for your urgent freight

Air charter in England? Brexit has reshuffled the decks

Customs procedures, airport staff shortage, reduced handling capacities and limited opening hours have all impacted aircraft availability.

Almost 3 years after the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, which airports are effectively available in 2022? You may need this information to organise a last-minute England-France air charter for your urgent freight.

Below is a list of airports and airfields available (at the time of writing) for private air freight charter flights, based on our recent operations.

The list, sorted by British region, outlines each airport’s capacity with regard to day and night availability, the potential need for prior notice, and freight handling capacity (parcel and/or pallets).

Note: This article relates an observed situation at a given moment. Each airport capacity is susceptible to change without prior notice, which clearly falls outside the author’s control and responsibility. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the Air Time Critical® team the day you wish to charter a cargo flight for your dedicated shipment.

England – Export customs checklist

The following documents are needed to export goods from England:

  1. Packing list
  2. Commercial invoice
  3. Customs instructions: description of goods and customs code (HS code), exporter’s EORI/VAT number, Incoterm.

Prior notice needs to be sought during the day for a night flight so that all the necessary paperwork and customs procedures may be organised in advance (4-6 hours on average).

Note: ATC® can assist you with the export procedure from England via our local AEO-certified customs broker and the shipping site.

Newcastle airport (EGNY / NCL)

Region: Northeast England

Air charter operations: 24/7, night-time handling with prior notice and subject to approval

Alternative airport during the daytime: Doncaster or Birmingham airports

Aéroport de Teesside (EGNV / MME)

Region: Tees Valley, Northeast England

Air charter operations: No longer accepts cargo until further notice. Air charter flights not authorised for freight

Alternative airport: Newcastle airport

Doncaster Sheffield airport (EGCN / DSA)

Region: South Yorkshire

Air charter operations: 24/7

Liverpool airport (EGGP / LPL)

Region: North West England

Air charter operations: 24/7

East Midlands airport (EGNX / EMA)

Region: East Midlands

Air charter operations: 24/7, large airport for cargo (allow extra time to receive freight from the cargo terminal), night-time handling with prior notice and subject to approval by the airport and handling company

Alternative airports: Birmingham or Doncaster airports

Birmingham airport (EGBB / BHX)

Region: West Midlands

Air charter operations: 24/7

The freight terminal no longer operates 24/7 systematically, so it is necessary to give prior notice and await confirmation

Oxford airport (EGTK / OXF)

Region: Thames Valley, Southeast England

Air charter operations: Daytime only, no export flights, only import

Alternative airport at night: Birmingham airport

Cardiff airport (EGFF / CWL)

Region: Wales

Air charter operations: 24/7, night-time handling with prior notice and subject to approval

Alternative airport: Birmingham airport

Air charter in England: A notable change since Brexit and Covid

With Covid, it is now recommended to check airport/handling status for night-time and weekend operations, even for airports operating 24/7, to confirm that they can handle a last-minute cargo flight. Get in touch with Air Time Critical® when the need arises so we may check all the details for you.

Air charter into France: Which airports to choose?

For charter cargo flights from England to France, the arrival airport must have day and night customs capacity. ATC® recommends using Vatry in France or Ostend in Belgium. Other airports may be available during the day with prior notice and after confirmation.

An urgent delivery to/from the UK?

Contact Air Time Critical® for all your questions related to air charter from England to France:

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