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Urgent delivery France-Brazil within 48 hours?

NFO: Urgent delivery France-Brazil within 48 hours?

An automotive industrialist contacted Air Time Critical® to organise an urgent shipment of car parts from France to Brazil. As the goods were ready to ship, Air Time Critical® acted swiftly to secure a priority air freight solution.

Details of the priority air freight solution

  • Flight type: priority air freight
  • Service: door-to-airport delivery
  • Goods: 4 pallets of car parts (total: 1,300 kg)
  • Flight route: Paris (CDG) – São Paulo (GRU)
  • Flight duration: 11 hours 45 minutes

Delivery steps:

  • 10/11, 09:15 – French customer requests express transport
  • 10/11, 11:45 – French customer validates and signs quote; we launch operations
  • 10/11, 13:00 – Express taxi picks up goods from the production site
  • 10/11, 15:00 – Express taxi arrives at Paris Charles de Gaulle
  • 10/11, 23:25 – Flight departs from Paris CDG airport
  • 11/11, 11:10 – Flight arrives at São Paulo airport (GRU)
  • 11/11, 18:00 – Consignee’s customs broker clears goods

What delivery time frame for this urgent France-Brazil shipment?

This priority door-to-airport shipment from France to Brazil was fulfilled in 1 day and 9 hours (distance as the crow flies: c. 9,500 km).

Average number of days saved compared to standard express freight: 2-3 days

Air Time Critical®’s added value

Pre-empting customs clearance is the best way to ensure a successful delivery to Brazil!

Urgent Freight to Brazil can prove quite complex due to local customs procedures. Enlisting the help of a freight forwarder such as Air Time Critical®, who manages shipments from A to Z, can save you a few headaches and delays when the goods arrive on Brazilian soil.

When you entrust your shipment to ATC®, we do not simply send the goods on the first flight available. We contact the shipment consignee in Brazil to pre-empt customs procedures in São Paulo.

Air Time Critical® liaises with the consignee’s customs broker before the flight leaves French soil and we go through all the procedure details with them: AWB instructions, commercial invoice compliance and customs codes, packing list, incoterm used, payment details for customs duties and taxes, and delivery terms.

This prior planning of customs procedures is the best way of ensuring successful delivery to Brazil!

Need assistance with your urgent shipments to Brazil?

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