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Air charter saves a German production line!

Air charter saves a German production line!

A Spanish industrialist contacted Air Time Critical® to organise a shipment of car parts from their production site in the Southern Basque Country, not far from Bilbao, to a major car manufacturer near Hanover in north-western Germany. Production in Germany risked being stopped if the parts weren’t delivered in time. In this emergency scenario, Air Time Critical® quickly suggested an air charter solution to the customer (hiring of a private, dedicated cargo plane). 

Details of the Spain-Germany air charter solution  

  • Flight type: cargo air charter 
  • Service: door-to-door delivery Spain Vitoria – Germany Hanover 
  • Goods: 200 kg of car parts in boxes 
  • Flight route: Vitoria airport (VIT) – Hanover airport (HAJ) 
  • Flight duration: 3 hours 
  • Aircraft: Pilatus PC12 

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Stages of the urgent air charter shipment: 

  • 7  October, 18:30 – Goods pickup from the Spanish automotive supplier by express van 
  • 7  October, 19:20 – Express freight arrival at Vitoria airport (VIT) in the Basque Country 
  • 7  October, 20:30 – Air charter flight take-off from Vitoria airport in Spain 
  • 7  October, 23:30 – Air charter flight landing at Hanover airport (HAJ) in Lower Saxony, Germany 
  • 8  October, 01:00 – Cargo loading and express taxi departure for the destination site 
  • 8 October, 02:15 – Goods delivery on the German car manufacturer site. 

N.B.: All times indicated are local times.  

What delivery time frame for this urgent shipment to Germany? 

The customer safeguarded 12 hours of production with air charter 

This door-to-door priority shipment from northern Spain to Germany was carried out in 7 hours 45 minutes (distance by road: 1,700 km). 

Average time saved compared to an express taxi by road: +/- 12 hours. 

This special air transport meant that the Spanish automotive supplier was able to spare their German customer from 12 hours of line stoppage. 

Air Time Critical®’s advice for deliveries to VW in Germany: 

Good to know! 

All deliveries to the VW group sites (Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda Auto, Porsche, Seat) necessitate the procurement of a delivery note from VW indicating a VW delivery code. The express taxi driver will be unable to deliver on site without this mandatory document. 

Logistics emergency to Germany? 

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