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Exports from India: What documents?

export india which documents

Essential Documents for Exporting from India

If you are organizing express shipments from India, it’s essential to be aware of the list of mandatory documents that should be requested from the shipper to facilitate the export of your order.

Why Are IEC and AD Code Critical for Exporting from India? 

The most crucial documents, without which it is impossible to move any goods out of India, are the Import Export Code (IEC) and the Authorized Dealer Code (AD Code). These two documents serve as the foundation for all export operations from India. No company can engage in import or export activities in India without a valid IEC Number. 

 The IEC code and the AD Code are indispensable for all exports from India.

What other documents are necessary when exporting from India?

The documents required for export from India are numerous. It is necessary to differentiate between the common documents requested for any international export from the documents specific to Indian trade.

To help you navigate this, Air Time Critical® has created a checklist of essential documentation to request from the shipper.

Common documents applicable to any international shipment include:

  1. INVOICE & PACKING LIST with signatures and stamps.
  2. Confirmation of the HS code (Harmonized System Codes) used for categorizing goods for customs purposes.
  3. CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: The Certificate of Origin is a document that specifies the country where the goods originated. It may be required by the importing country to determine applicable tariffs or trade agreements. This certificate can be obtained from local chambers of commerce.

Specific documents required for shipments from India:

  1. IEC (Importer -Exporter Code): No company can engage in import or export activities in India without a valid IEC Number.
  2. AD CODE (Authorized Dealer Code): A 14-digit numerical code provided by the bank to companies dealing in foreign currency.
  3. GST (Goods and Services Tax): Taxes charged to the purchaser of the goods.
  4. EPCG license N°: necessary for the shipper to benefit from some level of import tax exemption based on his import-export taxes balance.
  5. LUT OR TAX INVOICE:  Letter of Undertaking. Allow the exporter to engage in the export of goods without the obligation of immediate tax payment.
  6. Latest old Shipping bill: To acquire a clearance for export, from the Customs, an exporter has to submit an application called the ‘shipping bill’.
  7. SCOMET declaration: Required in case of Dual Use for a list of specific items.

Remark: Asking the shipper to prepare these documents ahead of the collection of the goods will help speed up the export process and departure of your shipment from India.

Asking the shipper to prepare the export documents ahead of the collection will speed up your Indian shipments.

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