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All about Known Shipper status & US air freight

Known Shipper status - US air freight

Known shipper status & US air freight? Why it matters

After the attacks on the US World Trade Center in 2001, the Department of Homeland Security set up a system to tighten safety measures across domestic and international air travel. Alongside the new rules, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) was established to oversee security for all means of transport, including road, railsea and air freight. 

With so much empty space available in the hold of passenger planes, the TSA allowed shippers to take advantage of the extra room without putting the public at risk. They evaluate companies and reward those meeting the requirements with a Known Shipper status and a host of added privileges. 

Benefits of the US Known Shipper Status 

Those without the Known Shipper status can only of their goods via cargo-only aircraft. In contrast, Known Shippers can take advantage of both air freight and passenger planes, which means: 

  • More Availability: Passenger airplanes travel much more frequently and depart from more locations than those exclusively carrying freight. 
  • Faster Deliveries: Expanding the available options means access to more flights and routes, which reduces shipping times significantly. 
  • More Flexibility: If adjustments need to take place last minute, the flexibility of having both cargo and passenger flights improves the chances of meeting deadlines. 

Therefore, relying on unknown shippers may result in undue delays and higher costs. This is important, especially for businesses in need of urgent deliveries.

If your company wants to import goods from the US to Europe , here is some advice:

  • Please, provide the name and address of your supplier to your freight forwarder.
  • Then, your forwarder can check the supplier’s TSA status and deliver a more effective and efficient response. 

Do you need help arranging emergency air freight between the US and Europe ? Do not hesitate to contact us at Air Time Critical® for expert advice and quality solutions.