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Why choose ATC for logistics emergencies? 10 exclusive services that make all the difference

Logistics emergencies - Why ATC

How does ATC stand out from the competition?

Air Time Critical® (ATC) has forged itself a reputation in the field of very urgent international delivery, especially in the automotive industry, which is renowned for its exacting requirements.

But which exclusive services allow ATC to stand out from other standard freight agents?

10 emergency services that make all the difference

  1. 24/7 day and night operations
  2. Door-to-door delivery to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, the USA, Turkey, etc.
  3. Priority booking and access to flights: preference given to direct, PAX flights over cargo flights
  4. No consolidation – shipments processed individually
  5. Import/export and handling procedures are expedited
  6. Customs: prepayment of import duties and taxes (subject to conditions)
  7. Night and bank holiday on-call services, priority handling, weekend customs when possible
  8. Plane loading tracking at Paris Charles de Gaulle (on request)
  9. Clearance of On Board Courier shipments
  10. Personalised tracking and advice


  • Internationally: 2-4 days saved on average delivery time frames compared to standard air freight
  • Europe: delivery in 6-8 hours on average with air charter

Faster international deliveries by 2-4 days and Europe covered in 6-8 hours.

By using ATC’s services, you:

  • increase your chances of timely delivery to clients
  • handle logistics and supply chain crises with flexibility
  • provide your company or logistics department with an effective and efficient solution
  • successfully manage your safety stock and JIT working procedures and optimise your operations.

Since we’ve been working with ATC®, we’ve always managed to respond to the nightmare challenges we’ve faced.

ATC, your logistics ally

Air Time Critical® is the sales or logistics director’s best ally – We offer uncommon delivery time frames and a whole range of services 100% dedicated to emergencies:

I now have an answer for my site director when they ask me if we have a solution.

When can ATC help you?

Air Time Critical® helps logistics managers quickly regain control when faced with a variety of logistics and supply chain crises, such as:

  • Failed quality control and impending production supply breakdown
  • Delivery delay to a key-account customer (manufacturer, tier 1 supplier, etc.)
  • Impending manufacturing delay penalty
  • Delivery delay from a tier 1 or 2 supplier (need to take over shipment from supplier factory)
  • Urgent corrective maintenance / Transport of spare parts + technician (helicopter or plane charter)
  • Unscheduled transport / EDI system fails
  • Sudden increase in customer orders for delivery
  • Last-minute assistance of another group site
  • Shipment of pilot production runs to the R&D or design department
  • Non-urgent but highly sensitive goods (one-offs, resin models, prototypes)
  • Urgent shipment to an unknown destination (documents, customs, door-to-door delivery)
  • Direct delivery from the foreign supplier to the final consignee (without going through the customer’s factory)
  • Product launches and their uncertainties
  • Corporate fairs, temporary exports
  • Supply crises (semiconductors, Covid, personnel repatriation, etc.)

Contact us for any logistics emergency

We operate 24/7 throughout France, Belgium, all of enlarged Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc.), Asia, India and North America (the USA and Mexico). Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your emergency transport requests or fill out our online quote form.

Bring emergencies under control with Air Time Critical®.