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Express deliveries in Morocco: essential for the Industry

The boom in the Moroccan automotive industry has seen significant growth in recent years. Several Moroccan cities have emerged as important centers for the production of vehicles and automotive components. Tangier, Casablanca, Kenitra, Tetouan, and Salé host factories of renowned car manufacturers such as Renault and PSA Group, as well as key equipment manufacturers and suppliers. This expansion has been fueled by government incentives for investment, a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, ​geographical proximity to Europe, and free trade agreements that facilitate trade with European countries. In this context, urgent transport from Morocco to Europe has become indispensable.

Friendshoring in Morocco: An Opportunity for the Automotive Industry

Friendshoring, the practice of outsourcing production to friendly and nearby countries rather than distant Asia, is accelerating in Morocco. This trend is expected to significantly boost trade between Morocco and Europe, thereby supporting the Moroccan automotive industry and its successful integration into the European supply chain.

Friendshoring should significantly boost trade between Morocco and Europe

The Importance of Just-in-Time Deliveries

The concept of Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery is crucial in the modern automotive industry. It involves receiving components and parts precisely when they are needed in the production process, reducing storage costs and production delays. To maintain an efficient JIT supply chain, urgent shipping solutions for industrial goods from Morocco to Europe are essential.

JIT in Morocco and urgent shipping solutions are inseparable

Urgent Transport Solutions Maroc-France-Europe

  1. On Board Courier (OBC): For same-day deliveries to Europe, the OBC solution, also called hand carry offers in Morocco an attractive option. It involves the physical presence of a courier  who takes charge of the parcel, ensuring constant monitoring and increased security. Delivery times are minimized, making it ideal for just-in-time and door-to-door shipments to Europe. Maximum parcel weight of 32kg.
  2. Express Air Freight: Express air freight services offer fast delivery times between Morocco and Europe, typically 1 to 3 business ​days. Logistics companies such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx provide reliable solutions for urgent shipment.
  3. Next Flight Out (NFO) Air Freight: For even more urgent needs, Next Flight Out (NFO) air freight allows direct, unconsolidated shipments on the next available commercial flight to Paris Orly, CDG, Madrid MAD, London LHR, Frankfurt FRH, Vienna VIE,  or the rest of Europe. This enables even shorter delivery times, often within 1 to 2 days. This solution is perfect for shipments where every minute counts.
  4. Air Charter: For large quantities of goods or pallets, using an air charter can be an option for critical shipments. It enables personalized itineraries and delivery times to meet the specific needs of the shipper and recipient.

With these diverse freight options, players in the automotive industry have flexible solutions to meet their urgent shipping needs from Morocco to Europe, ensuring an efficient and responsive supply chain.

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