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Covid-19: Repatriación desde Marruecos

An impossible challenge? Fortunately, a solution little known to the general public should save the day: the air charter delivery. Express delivery: 1 500 km in less than 12 hours? Quite a challenge! Urgent delivery CZ – UK needed: 6 pallets, 900kg, 1 500 km to cover, and less than 12hours before the production gets…
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Reemplazo urgente de una moldura automotriz averiada

What happened? A Slovak automotive plant contacted us urgently: a mold had broken on their production line. Moreover, the only specialist able to fix it is located in Portugal, 3000km away. Therefore, we needed to organize a return journey as quickly as possible to shorten the production disruption. Challenge: The mold on the pallet weighed…
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Un antonov para evitar interrupción de la línea

The story of an Antonov air charter delivery to VW Germany: A first-tier OEM based in Nantes – France contacted us: they had experienced serious quality failures on their overnight production. Now, they have 40 pallets to deliver to Volkswagen Wolfsburg, Germany, by 6 pm that day. Late delivery would mean a line stoppage for…
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Mantenimiento urgente – Entrega en helicóptero de un anillo-O

Helicopters delivery offer unbeatable reactivity for your urgent cargo transportation within 300 to 600km of your production facility: An equipment manufacturer based in Tours, France, contacted ATC a little before 11am. This OEM’s supplier was involved in the launch of a new Peugeot PSA vehicle series. Challenge: The client had to deliver 200kg of automotive…
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