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Mantenimiento urgente – Entrega en helicóptero de un anillo-O

Helicóptero - Mantenimiento urgente

Helicopters delivery offer unbeatable reactivity for your urgent cargo transportation within 300 to 600km of your production facility:

An equipment manufacturer based in Tours, France, contacted Air Tme Critical a little before 11am. This OEM’s supplier was involved in the launch of a new Peugeot PSA vehicle series.

Challenge: The client had to deliver 200kg of automotive spare parts in Sochaux by 3 pm latest. The pallet was ready, but a road express delivery would only get there for 5 pm.

Solution: Given the emergency of the situation, ATC offered a door-to-door helicopter delivery solution. The client confirmed their agreement at 11.15 am. We disassembled the helicopter seats and loaded the goods in parcels so as to fill up the entire space available. An hour later, the helicopter was flying towards its destination.

Result: With a top speed of 250km/h, the chartered helicopter’s flight only took 2.5hrs. We delivered the parts on site at 2.45 pm – just in time. Mission accomplished.

ATC – A range of solutions at your disposal:

the client requested a dedicated air charter, but we recommended a helicopter delivery instead. Indeed, the helicopter is faster to implement, better able to meet deadlines, and nearly 2,000 euros cheaper than the air charter to boot.

ATC can draw upon a range of tools to guide you towards the most suitable solution for your emergency situation, be it a helicopter, an air charter, on board courier, or priority air freight on a commercial flight. Seek our advice!