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July Holidays: Are your suppliers open ?

July Holidays: Are your suppliers open in USA, CZ, and Turkey?

The month of July is rich in holidays. Are your suppliers open for shipments to the Czech Republic, Turkey, USA? Anticipate these public holidays to organize your most urgent transport and ensure your deliveries on time.

Dragon Boat Festival

03-05 June: Dragon Boat Festival public holidays in China

China and Hong Kong are preparing for the Dragon Boat Festival. This year it will take place on Friday June 3 and will be followed by 2 additional public holidays on Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5. If this period is affecting your supply chain, do not hesitate to contact Air Time Critical® for a quick, tailor-made solution.

Want to be more competitive in 2022? Start with your stocks!

Want to be more competitive in 2022? Start with your stocks!

With Air Time Critical®, discover the risks of overstocking and why it is essential to optimize your stock in order to gain in competitiveness and agility.

Semiconductors & automotive industry - Supply chain crisis

Semiconductors & automotive industry: Supply chain crisis

The worldwide semiconductor shortage is significantly affecting the European automotive industry. This caused the temporary shutdown of many automotive sites and strongly impacted production.

Turkey : Documents needed to export

Documents needed to export to Turkey

Air Time Critical® has put together a document checklist to help you export to Turkey without hassle.

Malaysia: Priority Freight & semiconductor crisis

Malaysia: Priority Freight & semiconductor crisis

Emergency shipment from Malaysia? Semiconductor crisis? Air Time Critical® takes care of your urgent freight from Malaysia! Enjoy an exceptional service thanks to our solid experience.

Express or Priority Freight

Express or Priority Freight?

Thanks to Air Time Critical®, learn more about priority or express air freight: What is the difference? Which one is right for you?

Turkey - Urgent transport

Automotive – Urgent transport from Turkey

An urgent air shipment to organise with Turkey? Challenges to be met, implementation, import procedures: Air Time Critical® tells you here the story of an incredible urgent shipment mission, during the weekend, between Turkey and Europe.

Taiwan - Priority freight

Priority freight from-to Taiwan

Taiwan priority freight, Air Time Critical® handle your urgent shipments to/from Taiwan. Enjoy outstanding service thanks to our extensive experience and strong partnerships with reputable agents.

Urgent plane transport

Urgent plane transport of a 4-ton automotive mold

With Air Time Critical®, find out an impressive urgent transport of a 4 tonne automobile mold by plane between Portugal and Slovakia.

Air Freight solutions - India

Express air freight from and to India door-door

Air Time Critical® operates in India and covers the 16 major industrial centers of the country. Contact us if you have shipments to organize to India or from an Indian supplier.